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So many women, so
little time.

"Yet without love this seduction business is a vile thing," Casanova wrote. Still, for him, does love have a habit of disappearing overnight?

The historical Casanova had the mind of a genius, the charisma of a king, and the moral compass of a Bernie Madoff.

Casanova admitted, he never considered whether vice or virtue led him onward. Yet the very last words on his lips were these: "I lived as a philosopher, I die as a Christian." Did he have a wry smile on his face when he said this? What lingered beneath his words?

What makes a bad boy
want to be good?

How far will a bad boy go to be good? Who helps a bad boy change?

These, and many more questions, piqued my interest. What could we learn from a bad boy who continually lusted for life?

I began to write.

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